LOVE - a four letter word
That rules and governs our whole lives
We laugh, we cry, we want, we ache
To know such a love.

LOVE is a precious commodity
It is not in abundance
Very rare to find, we spend our
entire life seeking for such.

LOVE -- Does love really mean never
having to say you are sorry?
I think not!!!!
Love says, "I am sorry" a lot.

LOVE goes beyond all barriers,
Love climbs to the highest point
Love descends to the lowest Hell
It's breadth and length knows no measure.

LOVE can withstand every test
The test of time in duration
The test in space of separation
Even the test of indifference.

LOVE is a tender plant
It's seed is sown in the soul
All it needs is water and air
And the gentle hand of one who cares.

So, where is the
It lies hidden within you and me
Desiring to find an equal match
Unto all eternity.