Three Little Words

I love you
Three little words
But what do they mean?
I and you with love in between.

All you need is love a song once told.
But is love enough for two to hold?

In the beginning passion runs high.
So intense you reach and touch the sky.

Consumed you are in this moment of bliss.
Wanting, aching for just another sweet kiss
Can real love grow from these small seeds just sown?
Or will it fade from neglect, become tattered and worn?

I think love can grow when two people genuinely care.
To give of themselves their entire life to share.

Through the plentiful times and then sometimes the lean.
Always returning to that love in between.

Love is deeper than what is merely felt
Goes beyond where the two heart's melt.

They are one in heart, mind, body and soul.
Down the long path of life they will reach life's ultimate goal.

I love you
Three little words
I can't adequately express the depths of my heart
Yet it will flow out ..... as LOVE