Am standing here looking to the left then right
At two long roads leading far out of sight.
I have come so far from a distant land
Am lost, am scared, need a helping hand.

I know where I came from, all the stages passed thru.
Can't turn back now, but what direction to choose?
Looking around hoping to see some small sign
But the only answer is the wind's warm, soft sigh.

Standing firmly here lifting my face to the sun
I close my eyes and let the minutes drone on.
Listening inwardly to the small sense of life
Feeling the peace pervading, free from all strife.

One path so narrow to the mountains it doth show
The wide path is trampled, spiraling downward it goes.
To go the wide way, so easy, no effort at all.
Can I scale the heights, breathe fresh air, touch heaven entralled?

As I ponder the choices I have made in my life
Some easy, some hard, in daylight, in the dead of night.
I know there's a purpose for this path that I'm on
Not to just repeat history with the clock ticking along.

My eyes see darkly, things aren't always so clear
But with a small step of faith, reaching forward to there.
Along the narrow path to the mountains I flee.
Even though difficult, I know it's there I should be.

I am not alone on this
path of life ....

Donnali 1998