The Falling of a Leaf

The tender leaf burst forth from its tiny bud.
Winter was fast disappearing, and each day the sun rose a little higher in the sky. The leaf relished the warmth of the sun, and stretched upward hoping to get closer to the new found sensation. Spring was abounding everywhere. The new leaf, so fresh and green, flowing with its life juices, eagerly awaiting each new day. Gentle showers of new snow melted raindrops would wash over the leaf, tenderly cleansing and refreshing it as it grew quickly.
The days lengthened and Summer arrived, and each day passed into another. The full grown leaf, so vigorous, withstands the fiercest storms. All the leaves, so full of life, like the sail of a ship bending the mighty oak, becoming a thick canopy that many a weary road traveler passed by to rest under its shade.
The sun no longer lingers, and the days grow shorter and cooler. Then one night a terrible cold wind rushes through, and in the morning, silver frost blankets the earth. The leaf shivers and trembles at this new experience, but by midday the sun has warmed its fragile tips.
All around the leaves are beginning to change colors, many bright golden yellow, some orange as an intense fire, and others vivid red --- passion's colors. The landscape is awash in splendored beauty. Time stands still to marvel at this wondrous sight. The leaf that began as green has been transformed into the most beautiful hue of magenta.
One morning a soft wind blows through the forest and the leaf is released from its bounds, and begins a gentle descent to the ground below. It floats so effortlessly, spiraling down to the well worn path below.
On a splendid Fall day I am walking along the path, and I see this leaf lying along the side of the road. I take the leaf between my fingers and press it together, bringing it to my face and inhaling deeply. I breathe in all the richness of life that this leaf passed through and a smile comes to my face. Ahhh!!!! What a wondrous life!!!!!!